B2B Meeting  (Korean Company List)

NO. Company Name Business Areas Website Details
1 Hyundai Mobis Automotive Parts Company - Conventional parts : brakes, steering, lighting, safety, etc - Electronic components & solutions for Autonmous Driving, Connectivity, HMI(Control, Biometrics) etc. Details
2 SoftBank Ventures Korea Details
3 I & DC Details
4 12ships http://www.12ships.com Details
5 KISED http://www.kised.or.kr Details
6 sunjin - Swine pig farm business - Feed manufacturing business - Meat processing manufacturing business - Food distribution business - Agriculture and Livestock ICT Equipment Business http://www.sunjin.co.kr Details
7 KEO RIM CO.,LTD. - Details
8 aicube Details
9 HEREM Co,. LTD Details
10 Samsung Electornics http://samsung.com Details
11 XMW Inc. Details
12 NEOWINE http://www.neowine.com Details
13 BRIO Details
14 SUNGHAN http://WWW.SELNIX.COM Details
15 Dankook University http://www.dankook.ac.kr Details
16 DeltaTech-Korea Ltd. - Acceleration Service for Foreign Startup http://www.deltatechkorea.com Details
17 Shinil industry http://www.shinil.co.kr Details
18 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute http://www.etri.re.kr Details
19 Deltatech Korea - Future healthcare via big data analysis - Automobile industry integrated with ICT technologies - 5G mobile services - AI ICT future Platform - AI robots http://www.dtk3.com Details
20 TERUTEN http://www.teruten.com Details
21 Heesung Electric Details
22 Handok http://www.handok.co.kr Details
23 Kens Partners http://khglobalpartners.com Details
24 DEFOG Ltd http://www.defog.co.kr Details
25 SeongNam Industry Promotion http://snip.or.kr Details
26 Korea Automotive Technology Institute http://www.katech.re.kr Details
27 CICUBIC Details
28 The Catholic University of Korea https://medicine.catholic.ac.kr/eng/index.jsp Details
29 mobilio -LiDar -Machine defect monitoring http://www.mobilio.kr Details
30 medifuture Details
31 ChongKunDangHoldings Details
32 PLATO CO., LTD. http://www.plato-dream.com Details
33 TRUWIN Co., Ltd. Automotive inductive type Accelator sensor, break sensor LW IR image Snesor( ROIC, MBA, Package manufacturing) http://truwin.co.kr Details
34 ILES Details
35 Sensor with U - IoT based Sensor - Hazadous Sensor device, platform - Semiconductor based sensor, Nano size sensor - Detecting SOx, NOx, H2, CO, NH3, and VOC (Benzene, Xylene, Toulene, Ethanol) Details
36 Korea Electric Vehicle Association http://www.keva.or.kr Details
37 kyungshin Details
39 Linkgenesis.,co.Ltd. http://www.linkgensis.co.kr Details
40 CONTEC Co.,Ltd http://www.contec.kr Details
41 Daewoo Electronic Components http://www.dwecc.com Details
42 NURIBOM Details
43 KETI(Korea Electronics Technology Institute) http://keti.re.kr Details
44 atechsolution Automotive parts - Mold and injection for optical components - Head light parts - Head up display parts - Camera and optical lens - Interest in th http://www.atechsolution.co.kr Details
45 Second Ground Inc. Sports big data analysis Sports ICT platform http://www.bacving.com Details
46 CUREMED medical appliances[instruments equipment], manufacturing http://curemed.co.kr Details
47 TWINNY Autonomous mobile robot(Autonomous Cart) http://www.twinny.co.kr Details
48 TAPE Engineering Details
49 Dynetech co. ltd. http://www.rfdynetech.co.kr Details
50 LG Electronics Details
51 Nextchip http://www.nextchip.com Details
52 samsung electronics Details
53 JINPOONG R&D Details
54 Seoul for Industry-University-Research Cooperation sforum.co.kr Details
55 Halla Holdings Details
56 Landing Pad Details
57 HealDa Details
58 Silentium http://www.silentium.com Details
59 Posco Energy Details
60 TISC http://www.tisc.co.kr Details
61 KIAPI http://www.kiapi.or.kr Details
62 SK Telecom - Telecom - 5G https://www.sktelecom.com/index_en.html Details
63 Nepes http://www.nepes.co.kr/web/nepes_eng/home Details
64 KMSLAB Co., Ltd. http://www.kmslab.com Details
65 LG Electronics https://www.lg.com Details
66 SWM.AI -Self-driving car -Vehicle electric components and self-driving platform - Software development http://www.swm.ai/ Details
67 Tinnos http://www.tinnos.com Details
68 LG Electronics Home appliance, TV, Mobile, Vehicle Component etc. http://www.lge.com Details
69 MOTREX http://motrex.co.kr Details
70 ETRI ICT, BT/u-Health, Bio Data Analytics, Big Data, Smart Aquaculture with IoT, Smart Farm, Intelligent Robot, IT Convergence, Software and Security, Digital Contents, ICT Components & Materials, Broadcasting & Telecommunication, and Next Generation Internet http://www.etri.re.kr Details
71 Gaonnuri Details
72 Kyungshin http://www.kyungshin.co.kr Details
73 Gyeonggi Province http://invest.gg.go.kr Details
74 Visionsemicon http://www.visionsemicon.co.kr Details
75 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Automotive Camera and Connectivity Modules for ADAS and AD Details
76 SK Telecom - Automobile industry integrated with ICT technologies - 5G mobile realtime services Details
77 MCNEX CO., LTD. - Camera module for ADAS application like cameras for AVM, LDW, FCW, MOD, etc.. - Camera module for automotive application: VGA, HD, FHD - Camera module for smart phone application: 5M to 32Mpixel camera - Biometric sensing camera module like iris camera, facial recognition camera. - Fingerprint sensing module - Actuator: VCM, Encoder, OIS http://www.mcnex.com Details
78 Mando http://www.mando.com Details
79 CEVA - World Leading IP Supplier - Cellular / AI at the Edge / Vision / Sound / Connectivity IP https://www.ceva-dsp.com Details
80 INSUNGENPLA.CO.,LTD ICT기술이 융합된 자동차 부품 산업 인공지능 led 조명사업 http://www.insungenpla.co.kr Details
81 Seoul Robotics http://seoulrobotics.org Details
82 Owin Inc Business Area - World-First Commercialized Connected Car Commerce (Korea, Thai) - World-First In-Car Payment Commerce - Multi-functional Smart Payment Device Supplier to World-renowned Mobile Messenger, LINE - Commercialized In-Car Payment(Connected Car Commerce) With Top Gas Station & Top H&B Stores both in Korea & Thai http://www.owin.kr Details
83 iSolution Business Item of iSolution -. Mobileye EyeQ4 Imager (FOV 52, 100) Assembly and Test Equipment Development / Setup -. ADAS camera assembly and test equipment development / setup -. Camera based ADAS set test equipment development -. Automotive camera assembly and test equipment development -. Test environment realization following to ISO standard and National standard such as NHTSA, Euro N-cap, etc -. Automotive camera business seminar http://www.isolution.or.kr/ Details
84 3 & 3 Details
85 JUNGWON METAL CO., LTD http://www.jungwonfas.com Details
86 sungwoo smartlab http://www.swhitech.com Details
87 FESCARO Automotive Security industry integrated with ICT technologies(In-Vehicle Security Solutions, V2X solution, ECU Factory Solution) http://www.fescaro.com Details
88 Eyechip http://www.cmostec.com Details
89 PIXELRO Corp 1. Vision correction for Presbyopia with smart phone Accessories 2. Vision-based IoT solution https://www.pixelro.com/ Details
90 HAN BUL Co.,Ltd Details
91 orient precision Tier 1 company of auytomotive part are making engine component/transmission component. Sister company orient electronic is making smps and has technology of mdps. http://www.orientpi.co.kr Details
92 ACS Co. AI ICT future platform 5G Mobile service http://www.acs.co.kr Details
93 HANHO INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd - Electric car production - Fabrication of a decelerator for electric vehicles http://www.hanhoinc.com Details
94 SK innovation SK innovation - Crude Oil Refining - EV Battery Manufacturing SK Group Overall(Auto Related) - Ride Hailing - Car Sharing - Auto Semi-Conductor(Memory) - Navigation - V2X Details
95 FOL Details
96 Humax Details
97 Yozma Group Korea Details
98 Daegu Special Metal http://www.emdm.co.kr Details
99 STBAND Details
100 GWC robotics for hospitality industry www.vingcard.co.kr Details

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